Update on Big Mo..

Update on Big Mo..

Well, here is the latest on Big Mo. (That is the name I have given my van!) After combing over the van and changing out parts trying to figure out what in the hell was wrong with Big Mo, I finally went ahead and opted to swap out the fuel pump. As much as I didn’t think that was the case, Fuel Pumpbecause I could clearly hear the fuel pump coming on when charging the system and a fuel rail test proved the pump was functional, I went ahead and decided to have the gas tank dropped so that I could have a look at the fuel pump.  It was a good thing that I did because part of my problem was with one of the hoses connected to the fuel pump. The hose had completely split in half  and was causing an issue with  gas reaching the engine. After popping in a new fuel pump, I am still experiencing intermittent stalling. A few more things that I would like to check out, such as the MAF Sensor, cleaning the throttle body, and the MAP sensor, but due to the constant rain we have been experiencing in this area, it will have to wait for a dry day. By the time Big Mo is back on the road, I will have replaced just about every part. The good thing about this is, I will be more than road ready, and I should not have to worry about this for some time to come.

old fuel pump

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