Finally….Some More Progress!!

Finally….Some More Progress!!

It seems as if it has been a long time coming, but I finally made some more progress on my van build. Delayed by continuous rain in the area, fighting off hackers trying to hack my little ole’ website to use for misdoings, and a bit  of life thrown in has slowed me down considerably. However, on  yesterday I was finally able to move forward, which is always a good thing. The first thing I accomplished was I removed the two front seats and got rid of the remaining, and I have to add disgusting, drivers area carpeting. I looked around the interwebs for replacement carpeting Van Seats Removedfor the drivers area of the van, but the prices didn’t fit my budget, so off to the home store I went. I found a great piece of indoor/outdoor carpeting at the big orange box store that would be a great solution, and I lugged it home to get to work on tracing out the old carpeting to ensure a perfect fit. I also picked up some carpet insulation as the old carpeting had a decent amount glued to the bottom.  Should be an easy install and I will definitely upload pictures once I am done.

My next task is to clean up the interior flooring a bit. I need to hit a few spots with the angle grinder to knock off some surface rust. After thoroughly cleaning the problem areas, I will spray paint those same areas with Rust Stop made by Rust-Oleum. It is a rust inhibitor and paint in one.  Once the paint has dried, I will come back and start covering all the holes left in the floor when I removed the van bench seats and seat belts. van build stripped interiorA bit of Googling and I found that there are many ways this can be tackled, from welding them closed, reinstalling the old bolts that were removed when stripping the van, buying bolts with a smaller head as the original bolts sit up a tad too high because they dome upwards at the top,  silicone in the holes after spraying the hole with Rust-Oleum,  epoxy pennies over the bolt holes, leave them and just cover with your flooring, (which I don’t recommend) and so on, and so on. I think I am going to go the easy route, and purchase some bolts at the big box store and replace the original bolts that were removed. This way I know there would be no way for them to fail or work themselves out once the flooring is in. Who knows what may happen to the silicone or even an epoxied penny over time, so by replacing the bolts seems like the best way to ensure I will only have to do this once.

So my goal for today is to get all the holes filled, and replace the drivers area padding and carpeting, as well as reinstall the two front seats because it would be a tad difficult to drive without them. 🙂

Stay tuned, and hopefully my next update will not take as long as this one.

Happy Vanning!


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