Welcome to Gone Vanping – Where a gal with power tools convert her van into an adventure mobile for me to get away from hustle and bustle of the city, and visit nature – in America’s National Parks!

About Me: I am a forty something year old female living in Atlanta, GA. My background is as a Commercial Real Estate Appraiser, and Web Designer. After the Housing Market Crash in 2008, I semi-retired and began traveling around the world.  I have been blessed that I was financially able to visit every Continent – experience and immerse myself in the different cultures, but oddly enough, I have yet to visit the wonders of my own Country. I can remember far back as my 20’s, telling friends and family that I wanted an RV to travel the Country, but work, family, and other obligations always seemed to get in the way. I have now decided that it is time for me to get out, and see this great country of mine.

The project vehicle is a 1995 Ford e350 Club Wagon XLT with 131K miles. My vision is that this vehicle will go through several iterations, as I plan to have a hi-top installed hopefully in the not so distant future. I have been doing a ton of sourcing materials and with any luck, I should be making some progress of making my dream a reality.