In the Meantime…

Mo-the-vanIt has been over a week and “Mo the Van” continues to sit. (I named her Mo which is short for Modish) Here in Georgia we have been plagued by some very uncharacteristic weather. Hi’s in the mid 30’s, and Lo’s in the teens, with freezing Rain thrown in to boot. I can’t really blame the Mobile Mechanic for not wanting to come out to work on a vehicle in those conditions, so Mo and I are patiently waiting for her to get serviced. I do realized that I can simply have her brought in to a shop to be serviced, but the only shops close to me are actual Dealerships, and the cost would likely be three times as much as I would pay for a Mobile Mechanic, in addition to the cost to have it towed, so for now, we wait. In the meantime, and I seriously can’t believe this just dawned on me, but just because Mo is sick, does not mean I have to stop working on the van. All this time I have been finding other projects to work on when I could have simply been moving forward with insulating the van.  So, that is what I aim to do.


sound deadnerThe first thing I want to do is put down some Rattle Trap (Sound Deadner). When I was toddling around town in a gutted van, she rattles something fierce. So I shall start with wrapping the floor, the wheel wells, the doors, and some of the side panels, then move on to insulation.




For the insulation, I am choosing to go with an Eco Friendly Wool Insulation that boasts no phenol, no formaldehyde, no acrylics or artificial colors. As I did not want to deal with the hazards of regular fiberglass insulation, I am choosing a safer route that is a green product, and made entirely from sand and recycled bottles, with an R value of R-13. This stuff is easy to work with, cuts/tears apart easily, as well as makes it easy to fill the many voids, cracks, and crevices, found all over the van – minus the itch that comes from handling fiberglass insulation

Stay tuned for photos and a detailed write up on how it is all done.